2009 Convention Photo Delegates and Guests

2009 SELC District Convention Digest

The 15th regular convention of the SELC District met June 22-25 at Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI under the theme of "The Changeless Christ for a Changing World," "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" Hebrews 13:8. Below you will find a summary of the events and actions of the convention.

WORSHIP was held at the beautiful chapel on the campus of Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI


Greetings were received from Rev. Dr. Thomas Ahlersmeyer (President of Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI), Rev. Dr. William Hoesman (President of the Michigan District), Rev. Dr. David Stecholtz (President of the English District).

The report of the president of Synod and proposals of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synodical Structure and Governance (BRTFSSG) was brought to the convention by Synod 1st Vice President, Rev. Dr. William Diekelman.

Six mission presentations were made by various congregations of the District including: "Work Week" by Christ the King, Lodi, OH, "Ministry to Muslims and Eastern Asians" by Ascension Lutheran Church, Montreal, Quebec, "Birthing of a Church through Small Group Ministry" by Holy Cross, Lake Mary, FL, "Eastern Asian Ministry" by Zion, Clark, NJ, "Avenues of Ministry" by St. Luke's, Oviedo, FL and "Building a Community of Faith", by Faith Lutheran, Viera, FL.

Ablaze!/Fan Into Flame updates and encouragements for new and continued support was presented by Rev. Gerald Kovac (emphasis coordinator). He announced that over $48 million has been promised in support.

The creation of a SELC Foundation, previously proposed by the Board of Directors was presented to the convention for ratification. The Foundation would gather funds from donors for SELC missions and programs. The Foundation was ratified.

Concordia Publishing House presented a complete resource shelf of books to Rev. Mark Moreno, Hope Lutheran, Viera, FL.

Rev. David Buss presented on the continued need for help in hurricane Katrina ravaged areas along the coast and encouraged congregations and pastors to participate in the mission of Camps Biloxi and Restore.

LC-MS World Missions, Ron Search, presented on the work of World Missions and the urgent need for 70 new missionaries as well as the continued support of the churches with prayers and gifts.


The actions of the district in convention consisted of voting on resolutions brought by congregations as well as different entities of the district (circuit forums, board of directors and the resolutions committee), motions made at the convention and elections of various officers and committee members. Details on the actions determined at the convention are found in the official minutes of the convention. The minutes aren't official till ratified.

The Convention voted:

  1. To thank Keith Balla for his years (15) of service as treasurer of the SELC and to Gail Peterson for her excellent job in creating and publishing the district newsletter (Beacon).
  2. Approval of the three year work program of the District.
  3. To accept the invitation of St. Luke's, Oviedo, FL to host the next District convention (2012).
  4. To affirm the establishment of the SELC District Foundation. Resolution 09-01.
  5. To request the Board of Directors to reconsider the composition of the board for the SELC Foundation. Resolution 09-07.
  6. That the monies gathered at the convention be donated toward the SELC Foundation. Resolution 09-08.
  7. To add a third vice president to the SELC so that all circuits of the district would be represented in the praesidium. Resolution 09-09.
  8. To support the work of the district Gift Planning Counselor by continuing to fund the position for the next three years (Resolution 09-03) and to commend Robin Paris for her work as gift planning counselor (Resolution 09-04).
  9. To remember and recognize Rev. Dr. Jaroslav Vajda with thanks to God for his significant contributions in hymnody to the Church at large. Resolution 09-02.
  10. To correct the BRTFSSG on its misrepresentation of the value of non-geographic districts in its report. Resolution 09-10.
  11. To ask the BRTFSSG to reconsider in its district restructuring proposals smaller districts. Resolution 09-11.
  12. To ask the BRTFSSG to consider the 1969 merger of the SELC with the LC-MS. This resolution was passed on to the board of directors for clarification. Resolution 09-12.
  13. To convey thanks and concern to the BRTFSSG. Resolution 09-13.
  14. To ask the BRTFSSG to consider the name "Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches" as a new name for the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. The task force was looking for naming suggestions.
  15. To support and encourage district congregations participation in intentional outreach programs of the Synod, District, congregations and auxillary organizations. Resolution 09-05.
  16. To express gratitude and thanks to the Central Circuit and Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI for hosting the convention. Resolution 09-06.


President- Rev. Dr. Carl H. Krueger Jr. (St. John, Cudahy, WI)

1st Vice President - Rev. Andrew Dzurovcik (Zion, Clark, NJ)

2nd Vice President - Rev. Christopher Cahil (Christ the King, Lodi, OH)

3rd Vice President - Rev. Paul Hoyer (Holy Cross, Lake Mary, FL)

Secretary - Rev. Chris Ongstad (Holy Cross, Alsip, IL)

Treasurer - Robert Lange (Zion, Norridge, IL)

Financial Secretary - Clarence Cook (Faith, Viera, FL)

Pastoral Rep. Bd. of Directors - Rev. John Telloni (St. John, Massillon, OH)

Lay Rep. Bd. of Directors - Richard Martin (Calvary, Parma, OH)

Eastern Circuit Counselor - Rev. Daniel Grams (Holy Trinity, Garfield, NJ)
Central Circuit Counselor - Rev. Kenneth Ballas (Calvary, Parma, OH)
Western Circuit Counselor - Rev. Kevin Bergmann (St. Paul, Whiting, IN)
Southern Circuit Counselor - Rev. Gary Schuschke (St. Lukes, Oviedo, FL)

Mission Bd. Chairman - Rev. Ray Malec (Concordia, Bethlehem, PA)
Mission Bd. Pastoral Rep. - Rev. Steven Lange (Orland Park, IL)
Mission Bd. Lay Rep. - Donna Hubany (Grace, Lakewood, OH)

Lutheran Haven Bd. Eastern Circ. Rep. - Rev. Waldemar Vinovskis (Concordia, Macungie, PA)
Lutheran Haven Bd. Central Circ. Rep. - Rev. George Hansell (Grace, Lakewood, OH)
Lutheran Haven Bd. Western Circ. Rep. - Rev. William Utech (Seminary, St. Louis, MO)
Lutheran Haven Bd. Southern Circ. Rep. - Rev. Wally Arp (St. Luke's, Oviedo, FL)
Lutheran Haven Bd. Lay Rep. - Ardyne Kirn (Resurrection, Crown Point, IN)

Synodical Convention (2010) Delegates
Eastern Circuit Pastoral: Rev. Waldemar Vinovskis
Eastern Circuit Lay: Randy Sadlon (Zion, Clark, NJ)
Eastern Circuit Pastoral Alternate: Rev. John Perling (St. Paul, Greenwich, CT)
Eastern Circuit Lay Alternate: Robert Bergammini (Holy Trinity, Garfield, NJ)

Central Circuit Pastoral: Rev. John Telloni (St. John, Massillon, OH)
Central Circuit Lay: Noel Bartlett (Grace, Lakewood, OH)
Central Circuit Pastoral Alternate: Rev. Jerome Panzigrau (John Huss, Arnold, PA)

Western Circuit Pastoral: Rev. Paul Biber (St. Lucas, St. Louis, MO)
Western Circuit Lay: Ronald Hoehnke (St. John, Cudahy, WI)
Western Circuit Pastoral Alternate: Rev. Steven Lange (Living Word, Orland Park, IL)

Southern Circuit Pastoral: Rev. Gary Schuschke (St. Luke's, Oviedo, FL)
Southern Circuit Lay: George McAllan (Holy Cross, Lake Mary, FL)
Southern Circuit Pastoral Alternate: Rev. Mark Marino (Hope, Viera, FL)

Synodical Nominating Committee (2010 LC-MS Convention) - Rev. Waldemar Vinovskis

Dist. Convention Nominations Comm. - Rev. James Rice - Chair (Redeemer, Manchester, NJ)
Dist. Convention Nom. Comm. - Larry Schultz (Concordia, Macungie, PA)
Dist. Convention Nom. Comm. - Rev. Steven Lange (Living Word, Orland Park, IL)
Dist. Convention Nom. Comm. - Millie Kwiatkowski (Holy Trinity, Parma, OH)
Dist. Convention Nom. Comm. - Richard Challis (St. Luke's, Oviedo, FL)